Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time Is Of The Essence

     When I picked up my pen to write this particular piece, I was weak.....it had been a long day, I had classes from 8am-7pm, had a meeting that was supposed to hold for 8pm and it was already 9pm and there was no sign of life to indicate that the meeting was going to start anytime soon, and sincerely I was not particularly glad. That was when this subject matter came to me....the essence of time in initiating the change we must see in Nigeria. I was chatting with a colleague earlier today and he was like.... “The future of Nigeria that we envision is not gonna happen in the next 10, next 15 years”. And I don’t know about you but I want to see this change happen in my time, the Nigerian system we operate today is very fragile, the room can come crashing down around our ears anytime. That’s why I feel the urgency to reiterate this message today (my friend Ochy has written on something similar).....TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE
The change we seek is not in the saying but in the doing; we can’t keep talking about this change, we have to make it happen .The individuals in key positions may not see the need for this change or they may not be willing to see it happen, probably they have so much to lose if this corrupt system sees its end. But I see the need for this change; I hope you can see it too. I’m doing what I can from my end, what about you? This change is going to come and I have made up my mind that I’m not just going to stay put saying something like: “Na so dem dey talk am since”. I am going to play my part and I want you to do the same, I implore you to the same; there is a way to initiate this change from your end, all you have to do is to search for it and you’ll find it.
Happy new month to y'all, I wish you speed and strength even as you go about your duties this month....Take Charge


  1. Happy new month to you too! May we indeed see that change in our time.

  2. You're very right, Uzoma. The change we seek must happen in our own time and we have to do more doing and not just blowing hot air. I am doing my part from here o. And even in those 10 - 15 years things can remain the same if we do nothing. Happy New Month to you as well.

  3. i have also taken it as a responsibility to cost my time as it is a gift that cannot be returned as other gifts. its either a period of refreshment or regret.others may see it as money...it could be spent or invested.