Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ochy's Phone Call

My first year in secondary school at Ibadan, the second line of the school’s anthem called the school a citadel of learning. Its of great honour and privilege that I call Nigeria a citadel of responsibility. Before you cast your stones, listen and understand.
The state of Nigeria is bad and nonfunctional and as such it has built a sense of responsibility to make things work and happen this is why privatization surfaces today. If the irresponsibility of the government has given a wake up call for the citizens then I think NIGERIA is such that still has a future. Remember that the palm tree that seemed like it refused to grow, when its due season came the ground couldn’t hold it anymore.
 My message for Nigerians is this, the sector in which you belong to, make it work in your own capacity. Corruption might not be totally eradicated but it can be drastically reduced.
I am asking Nigerians today, GIVE CHANGE A CHANCE...............GIVE NIGERIA A FUTURE!!

1 comment:

  1. Hmm...The change so far seems far-reaching if we rely on our government. You and I can make it happen with our various little inputs.
    and I agree with you that Nigeria still has a future. It's sad that only few have hopes in Nigeria.