Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Freedom From Self

     It’s a privilege to share my thoughts in this honourable blog to individuals that have braced up to join this young great revolutionist in this seemingly unending subject matter, ‘NIGERIA’.
I was recently involved in a really informative debate. The debate was on the subject: agriculture and oil. I debated for agriculture and from that debate the subject matter, freedom from self was born.
Before independence, Nigeria desired independence....after independence we celebrated independence and now we do not know what exactly we are seeking for but all we know is that we are seeking something. I’m sure that I’m speaking with inquisitive minds right now and as such I choose to believe that you must have asked yourself why Nigeria desired to get her independence. A very common answer is that they desired freedom. After independence while trying to celebrate this new achievement, the same need before 1960 was not met, this is freedom!
You might actually be wondering right now what this analyst is talking about........I request that you still borrow me some seconds.
The basic truth and need that Nigerians have been seeking for before and after independence is freedom from self. This is as a result of having little or no iota of belief in oneself not to think about the entire nation. It is a struggle between self. Nigeria is a coming together of persons. Until these persons break free from this self freedom mentality...then it remains the unsolvable need.  
I end with a proposition to Nigerians that believe there is no future for Nigeria.... try thinking about yourself as though you alone make up Nigeria. What would you do to make yourself satisfied and happy....think the same thing for’d see that Nigeria still has a future and then you would agree with me that its a battle of self freedom.
To the others who are on the same page with me guess would soon be count down to the Nigeria of our dreams...............
My last words on this, ‘ignore that you have a leader....lead yourself as you are the government....would you allow your territory fail?’



  1. You're right on the topic of freedom. Our major challenge is lack of individual purpose. If each individual as you said decides to man his/her territory with utmost dedication, then we would be less one problem to solve. We are 'Nigeria'. You and I.

  2. I was just nodding and going "Hmmm...." as I read through this piece because what you (or was it Ochy) said is very true: freedom from self is what we've been clamouring for. But, the problems we are facing are deeply-rooted and frankly, maintaining the status quo is just so much easier. But that is exactly why we are still thirsting after that freedom. The last words really got me: "Would you allow your territory fail?" #Foodforthought

  3. @Micheal, your comments are always appreciated....We're 'Nigeria' You and I

  4. @the relentless builder, thanks for stopping by. I acknowledge the fact that it will be so much easier to accept the status quo, but easy will never be enough. I say we take those problems by the horn. Again thanks for stopping by...will love to hear more from you