Thursday, August 23, 2012

Intense Amnesia

Recently while reading a piece of information, I stumbled upon the National Coat of Arms with its shield, the eagle, the horses, rivers Niger and river Benue and then most importantly the motto: "Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress". As I stare at our coat of arms i say to myself that it is actually one of quality with its various components and meanings having deep significance. It was at that point that I realized that Nigeria has suffered from an acute loss of memory. How is it possible that we forget the tenets upon which this nation was founded and yet we expect to survive, thrive and prosper? The moment we let unity suffer a blow, the moment we began to let doubt take a foothold; it was in that moment, at that point that we began to sacrifice our great country on the altar of forgetfulness and neglect. How dare we ignore and then forget what our founding fathers envisioned and fought for - That our unity, our togetherness and unflinching belief in the future of our country would bring us to a state of peace and continuous progress. We've forgotten, this is why this two terms 'Peace and Progress' remain mere adjectives which are hardly applicable in the Nigerian Situation except when we speak them in faith. This is why at this time when the whole-nation state of Nigeria yearns for a revolution, for the emergence and manifestation of a committed set of redeemers that I pursue an awakening. The surgeons and specialists must stimulate the sleeping minds of the Nigerian citizens. Unity (a collective sense of purpose) and Faith (an unflinching belief in the future of our great country) are the starting point of the list of factors that will lead to the emergence of a great nation. WE must make our diversity work for us, for with God nothing is impossible! They say Nigerians continue to smile in the midst of the sufferings, we must bring that sort of tenacity to developing our nation; we must believe even when all avenues to engender belief seem like they are gone----- Unity and Faith are two factors we cannot afford to overlook!


  1. I totally agree. Our coat of arms symbolizes our meaning and the foundation upon which this giant of Africa is built. Ignoring it has done and will do no good.

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