Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Change We Want, The Change We Desire, The Change We Must Have

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I am writing another piece on "change", "change" but as I think on the subject matter, I ask myself: We've all being talking about change, but where is the change? I ask myself: Am I just doodling or do my words (do our words) have any impact, WHERE IS THE CHANGE?? But as I think some more I realize that I cannot afford to stop writing, I cannot afford to stop talking about this change. Martin Luther King Jr. fought to vanquish racism and restore the dignity of the black man in the United States and it is reported that he gave about 350 speeches in his lifetime. I happen to have seen a compilation of Martin Luther King's speeches and writings in the bookstore one day and I cannot help but think: "That book is almost as big as my Development Economics textbook (if not bigger)! I cannot afford to stop writing and talking about this change which I want to see; my words have great power and eventually will have the desired effect! You can't afford to stop talking and writing about this change. Together we are gonna make it happen, Stay Connected!!


  1. Uzoma, you are right. I believe effecting change starts with having the right attitude. If we feel change can never occur, we stop talking about it or planning to take action.

    1. Exactly Oluchi, the 'talking and writing' will emanate from our attitudes. The right attitudes will inform the right words and right actions, *hmm*. Thanks for stopping by Oluchi, your comments are constantly appreciated!!

  2. I believe that change is as much a noun as it is a verb, and being such when we have a mindset of change daily, we will start to see that change in which we want to see, when we ourselves start being that change in our local environments first in baby steps our influence will expand to change the world at large.

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