Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Ideal Nigerian Leader:Becoming a person

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Recently while Dr. David Oyedepo was speaking, I picked up a statement he said. He said "What we lack in Nigeria are not qualifications but persons." What may cross your mind would be thoughts such as "but there are persons in Nigeria!!'.... But thinking some more on that statement I realize in Nigeria today, we do have a dearth of persons. This sad phenomenon can only be what explains why Nigeria (and indeed Nigerians) are seen as a highly corrupt people. Your person is made of two main pillars: Character and Capacity; Capacity makes up 25% of your person while your character makes up a solid 75% of your person. This simply means: No character, No person! - Your capacity may get you to a certain point but its only your character that will sustain you there and enable you make a lasting impact. Any person that you find in the front-lines who is still there today has been sustained by character, any project that still stands and is as good as it was, as at the time of establishment is there because of character.
Why is that after about 53 years of oil exploration, production and exportation we are yet to own well-functioning refineries; no one can say that the idea to fund and build refineries has not been on the drawing board, however monies allocated to such projects have gone down certain deep pockets the drain because character is lacking. I do not know how many of you saw Fela Durotoye's heart-cry on Facebook Fela's heart-cry concerning the fuel subsidy saga and the leaders that will birth the Nigerian Spring in 2015. Well these leaders wherever you may be right now, I put it to you that character is indispensable, otherwise we're back to square one!

Cultivate Character!

You can't pray character down, you can't wish it, neither can you pay for requires a continuous process of consistent development. I have said to myself and I have written it down : "I am bringing character and capacity together to instigate a change and make an impact anyway I can in my country - My character is a preservative tool for this nation - I am working on myself!

This is the only way out; this is our only way out!

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