Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Future I Desire....Featured Author: Ochanya Amuta

Due to laxity, I feel or should I say I fear that I would lose it all. If the birds in their nature are certain that every day comes with benefits and challenges; how much more I with the certainty of salvation fear the greatness of my great tomorrow.
The fate of uncertainty almost beclouded my sense of possibility and the grace on an envious tomorrow. However, I am built to discover and understand that the wind that blows the rain to shower is meant to grow my seedlings and I am sure of my roof tomorrow.
It was the rat that advised me and said where you ate yesterday might be your trap today. As such, I knew that in fulfilling my desires of yester years, daily discoveries as regards my future is inevitable. I refer to the future where beggars would ride on horses and princes beg bread.
If the Almighty book refers you to learn from the ant, it therefore concludes this article that the future I desire is a makeup of how well I maximize the advice of today and manage the criticism of tomorrow.
My future is bright and I must get there!!!

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