Monday, October 10, 2011

Tales By Ochy's Light.....

Today is a special day in my friend's life and I've allowed her post a little something something, enjoy.....

So many years ago, folktales were told not necessarily because these tales actually happened but because lessons should be learnt from them. In my thoughtful moment I imagined telling a tale about Fildei Tobar........ so many people would begin to wonder: who is this? But when I tell a story, a legendary story about Fildei, you the reader would want to be like him. Guess what he only lives in my imagination, he is not real but yet could be celebrated.
Today, the story is different. It’s not about my imaginary Fildei Tobar but about one that was actually conceived and born by a woman: “My father”. In a land where water was as gold, clothing as diamond and housing as sapphire, somebody still emerged with a drive for success and great achievements. Not to wonder today I celebrate such a man who traded sachet water for his children to have ice-cream, a pair of rubber slippers for his children to have leather shoes. This is no folktale neither is it tales by moonlight but tales by Ochy’s light. Happy birthday to my unique friend and Father!!


  1. Very nice words. I hope my daughter says this to me someday.

  2. I just passed the "Versatile Blogger" award on to you. Congratulations! Please check my blog ( for more details. Cheers!