Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Naija: YOU ARE NIGERIA!

Happy Birthday Naija!!!! I consider that the sufferings of this present time are nothing to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.  So today on Nigeria’s birthday and I’m going to be taking a different tone. Normally I would write on Nigeria, her problems and a few solutions; however, a few days ago while reading a material titled “A Balanced Life” by Brian Tracy, I suddenly realized that I’m Nigeria, if I’m not good enough, Nigeria can never be good enough. Nigeria can never be the most desirable nation by 2025 if its filled with millions of undesirable Nigerians. So today the challenge I’ll throw to YOU is to endeavor to make YOU more desirable with each passing day, find ways to make YOU more valuable and I know will all be the better for it. Here is a video by Fela Durotoye, the visioner of GEMSTONE 2025. Enjoy!!!!


  1. Uzi, For some reason, I can't hear the video...but I can see the faces and watch the body language and know there is a lot of energy!

    We celebrated World Communion Sunday here in central Indiana this morning. I draped a large world map over the Table and set the cross on top. I always have a sense of "awe" as I stand behind the table on the Sunday, seeing the cross and the bread/wine spread across "the world."

    Our worlds are so different, it is difficult for me to even begin to appreciate your life! Still, I believe we are sisters simply divided by a lot of land and a lot of water. Although, from above, I'm sure it would appear we are divided by very little.

    Many Blessings as you dream bigger dreams than your present reality. ~ Sandi

  2. Uzoma:

    I am so glad I came across your blog because I see the passion you have for Nigeria. I am particularly impressed because it is not a blind passion, but a balanced and well-informed one.

    It was a good idea to not talk about the problems of Nigeria on October 1st because that alone will not solve the problem. The challenge you put to me (and the rest of us) makes a lot of sense because like you rightly said the whole (Nigeria) is only as strong as its individual parts (Nigerians).

    Fela Durotoye is someone I really admire, so I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing!